Maintaining a Creative Mindset

Lately, I have been focused more on taking photos with my drone than I have with my DSLR. My most recent photos with the drone are actually the result of a landscape I photographed last month.

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Photographing Yosemite Valley

Each year, I have a go to destination that I want to visit for landscape photography, and this year it is Yosemite Valley. I have seen countless photos of the Valley draped in a fresh coat of snow, or shrouded in fog. Now I want one for myself.

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Taking Advantage of a Rainy Day

With all of the rain we’ve been having lately, I am starting to feel a bit cooped up. My drone has been grounded for a week now as a result of the constant storms rolling through the Bay Area, and my planned trip to Yosemite was delayed because it’s supposed to be raining up there too.

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Using a Drone to Photograph Creatively

I’ve been flying drones, and experimenting with them as a photography tool for the past few years, but I wasn’t enamored with the quality of photos I was coming home with in the earlier model I was flying. As I waited for the optics to improve on prosumer drones, I took up the hobby of kite aerial photography, which enabled me to loft a quality camera with RAW capabilities several hundred feet into the air.

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This blog features stories about my photography adventures, both landscape and aerial.

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