Road through Redwoods copy

A car makes its way down a windy road through a dense grove of Redwood Trees.


Lately, I have been focused more on taking photos with my drone than I have with my DSLR. My most recent photos with the drone are actually the result of a landscape I photographed last month. While both photos are from the same general vicinity, they are very different. The first photo is one you may remember if you read one of my earlier blog posts. It was taken on a rainy and foggy afternoon in which the conditions were perfect for creating a dark and mysterious atmosphere. Here is that photo:

Oak Trees compete for light in the dark forest.

Oak Trees compete for light in the dark forest.

I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if viewed from a different perspective. I made my way back to the forest this past weekend and composed the below two images. The first one (the opening photo in this blog) includes the road that runs through the park. I really liked how the trees allowed for a partly obscured view, but still created a sense of mystery by letting the mind wonder what animals or flora / fauna could be thriving underneath the canopy. The second photo was just a simple abstract in my mind, and I really just enjoy looking at the redwoods from above rather than below in this instance. I feel like I have succeeded in sharing two drastically different perspectives of the same subject, yet they both have many similarities.

Redwood Trees from Above copy

Redwood Trees from above.

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